Northern Virginia Dentist – Reviews from Our Patients

We pride ourselves on being one of the most highly-recommended dentists in Northern Virginia. We strive every day to be perfect, and this is most apparent in the accolades that we receive from our patients. Please make an appointment today to add your name to the long list of satisfied patients.

  • I absolutely think Dr. Hagar and his staff are awesome. The first visit I had was so comfortable and dare I say...relaxing. I have horrible anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist and everyone made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend him to anyone and actually have already! Best dentist in NOVA!

    Rachel College
  • Dr. Hagar, is absolutely awesome! My tooth cracked in half around 9:30pm...yes, that's PM! I gave him a call and explained how much pain I was in and by 10:15pm i was sitting in his office. Now, everyone knows that getting a tooth pulled sucks but Dr.Hagar made that process easy and pain free, and this was a Molar! So, if you're anything like me: afraid of the dentist, then Dr.Hagar, is the Dentist for you! GREAT EXPERIENCE. Thanks again Dr. Hagar!

    David Rountree
  • This is the best office in Centreville by far. I'd had dentists do nothing but take my money or provide very shoddy work. Basiony and everyone else at Centreville Dental Group are the best because they are honest, fair, and treat their customers very well. Their professionalism is of the highest standard.

    Herbert Walls
  • Dr. Mohammed, Andrea, and Sarah were all very friendly and competent. I was impressed with their work and happy to have my broken tooth fixed and my teeth professionally cleaned. I plan to return to them for another cleaning in six months and I recommend them to others with full confidence.

    Christopher Lamke
  • I came in for a regular checkup and was very happy with the experience. Dr. Hagar is very professional and answers all of my questions without being a hard sell. I did end up with cavities but thats my fault for having a sweet tooth lol. I'll update my review once I return for the cavity treatment.

    Robert Roman
  • Dr. Hagar runs a top notch dental office in my opinion. Our family has been with Centreville Dental Group for over a year now. He and his staff always take the time to handle each visit with care for a pain free experience (pun intended lol). Thank you again!

    Joleen Holtzman